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My name is AJ and this is my place for fitness, motivation, inspiration, and just a splash of sass. I am fighting to recover from difficult times, to lose weight and most importantly to become a happier and healthier person.

SW: 227lbs.

CW: 200lbs.

GW: 150lbs.



About The Blogger

Age: 25

Height: 5'3"

Status: Lucky me. I am in love with and happily taken by my best friend.

My Favorite Fitness Activities: Bikram yoga, lifting weights (deadlift love!), walking with my dog, dancing - bellydancing in particular. Doing anything on the beach.


A spider crawled up my arm while we were at the river today. I’m very uncomfortable with spiders being on me. It was massive and I didn’t want it to bite me, so instead of screaming I bit down on my wrist and looked away until it decided to crawl off of my arm and onto the rock where it was squished. I actually left teeth marks in my arm. But I remained calm. That was some fear factor grade shit for me right there.

Oh my god. Head for the hills.

Shark week coincides with actual shark week right now. Come the fuck on.

Every time I think about deleting my tumblr because I hardly have time to update it, I go on to delete it and I see all these things that inspired me before and still have so much meaning to me. All the things that I reblog for one reason or another. They still motivate me. So I can’t delete this. Because I still have hope that I can become a healthier person.


To be able to perfect a back bend,  small joys 💪💃 #backbend #bikram #yoga #flexible #bending #hipsout #shoulderback #wish #evolution #time #stretching #beautiful


To be able to perfect a back bend, small joys 💪💃 #backbend #bikram #yoga #flexible #bending #hipsout #shoulderback #wish #evolution #time #stretching #beautiful

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This week

Proud of my healthy eating so far. Need to carry it through the weekend but fruit & veggies make up most of my diet. Smoothies in the morning. It’s going well. Kind of looking forward to weighing in yet kind of not cuz shark week will be starting right on my next weigh in. Fuck it. I’ll weigh in every 2 weeks. Every week is not necessary. This works. Glad I could work this out. End of thought.


Insightful duck is so right!


Insightful duck is so right!

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New Pages for a New Start

I posted my plan that I am researching tonight and starting tomorrow. Also included pages for monthly and weekly goals. Just generally trying to get my shit together. Check em out and keep me in line!

There would be links here but Tumblr is being a real dick and won’t let me add them, so you’ll have to look at them the old fashioned way and click on my page. Sorry!!




I always see on my dash how there aren’t enough pictures of larger ladies working out, so I asked Lovie to snap a few pics during our workout. Sadly, I missed more of the hardcore activities before I thought to ask for pics, but you are left with these lovely jewels for some Fat-Girl-Fitspo <3

I’m 265lbs. I look like sh*t at the gym. I know I am ‘fat as hell’ and not very ‘hardcore’ in some b*tch a** anon’s opinion, but clearly: IDGAF. I run hard. I do CrossFit. I do MetCon. I Olympic Lift. I IGNORE everyone who tells me I can’t or that I shouldn’t because of my size: F*CK THAT. You can do anything you set your mind to with proper practice/training, which doesn’t mean you need a trainer. All you need is a capability to read, to watch, or to follow after others. Teach yourself. Be your own GD role model and ROCK THAT SH*T. If I can do it, you can do it and I will be here to help and inspire and answer anything you wanna ask, so long as I am Tumblin’. Well…unless you’re a rude anon b*tch, then you can enjoy failing at making me feel bad, because idgaf <3


This chick is a warrior!!

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I like their style. [x]

My kind of work hours


I like their style. [x]

My kind of work hours

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